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Coins for delivery

The BullionVault coin delivery service is in newly launched and being developed; it’s in 'beta'. We may build out the coin-delivery service further, depending on demand.

BullionVault’s main offering is vaulted gold, silver and platinum at wholesale prices, available to all BullionVault account holders. If you open a BullionVault account to buy some coins we’ll still give you 4 free grams of silver and some cash to try out our live vaulted bullion markets.

About coin delivery

Why is BullionVault now offering coins for delivery?

At BullionVault we firmly believe that owning gold in the vault, fully insured and ready to sell instantly at wholesale prices, is cheaper, safer and easier than buying gold coins for home storage. However, we acknowledge that gold coins can be attractive and easy to gift, and our users may want to store a small number of coins at home (though please check your home insurance cover first).

What coins do you offer?

We offer gold Sovereigns and various 1oz gold coins: Britannia, Krugerrand, Buffalo, Eagle, Philharmonic, Kangaroo and Maple.

We do not offer silver or platinum coins, or other denominations of gold coin.

If you want gold bars, you can buy vaulted gold and withdraw it as standard 100g gold bars at your convenience.

What does it mean if a coin 'may show signs of circulation'?

A coin is referred to as 'uncirculated' if it has never been part of the regular money supply or passed into public hands. This is usually an indicator of the condition of the coin, as a circulated coin is more likely to show signs of wear.

Uncirculated does not mean that the coin is flawless. Uncirculated coins may still have small imperfections from production, handling or transportation.

Typically, current-year coins sold through BullionVault are uncirculated. Older or mixed-date coins are not guaranteed to be uncirculated (unless explicitly stated).

BullionVault does not sell any coins that are excessively worn or damaged. In the European grading system, all the coins will be at least Very Fine (VF) or better.

Do I have to pay tax on my coins purchase?

Gold bullion coins are VAT-free in the UK. Further, sovereigns and Britannias are also exempt from any Capital Gains Tax when you sell your coins again.

How much can I buy?

At present you can buy up to £5,000 of coins in a single purchase. If you wish to make a larger coins purchase please contact us at

The minimum coins purchase amount is £500.

These limits do not apply when buying vaulted gold.

Can I cancel or return an order?

As the price of your coin will fluctuate depending on the price of gold in the financial markets, you have no statutory right to cancel or return an order if you change your mind as with other online shopping. See the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004.

Can I buy/collect coins from your office?

We don’t sell coins at our London office. In fact, we don’t hold any bullion at all in our office.


How can I pay for my coins?

You can pay for your basket of coins by UK debit card, UK credit card or by bank transfer. You can use any of these provided that the payment method is held in your name and that the billing address matches the delivery address for your order.

We do not accept cash or cheques.

Can I use the cash balance on my vaulted-gold account?

No. For each coin order we ask you to make a one-off payment rather than use any client funds you may hold with us. Keeping payment separate allows us to keep our costs down and so reduce the prices to you.

Can I withdraw my vaulted gold as coins?

BullionVault offers several options to withdraw your vaulted gold, but the coin store remains separate and each coin order must be paid for separately.


Where do you deliver coins to?

At present, we only deliver to UK residential addresses. This should match the billing address on your payment method. We don’t yet ship to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

How are my goods sent?

Delivery is normally sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery, fully insured to your home residential address. All deliveries are packaged discreetly.

How much does delivery cost?

Insured UK delivery is included in your purchase price.

Do I need to sign for my package?

The coronavirus pandemic means your courier may not require a signature for delivery, but simply put your package through your letter box without waiting for you to answer the door. If you are at all uncomfortable with this, you should not order at this time.

In normal times you will need to be at home to provide a signature. If you’re not at home, Royal Mail will leave a card for you to collect your package from your local post office or have it redelivered.

Please check the external packaging carefully before signing. If you notice any signs of damage or tampering or are unsure about the condition of your package, you should not sign for it.

How long does it take for my delivery?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and government rules, gold orders typically take up to 2 weeks at present, and it’s possible your order could take longer to arrive.

We will send you an email as soon as your order is on its way.

Before we ship your coins:

  • We need to receive your payment. Card payments are authorised straight away but bank transfers may take several working days to reach us.
  • We need to have identity documents on file for you: a current photo ID and a recent proof of address (e.g. credit card statement, utility bill, etc. dated within the past 3 months). If you have recently provided these documents (e.g. for a prior coin purchase or for validating your BullionVault account) you will be able to skip this step.

I want to buy a gift. Can I deliver it directly to the recipient?

We will only deliver coins to you at your residential address which should be the same as the billing address on your payment method. Please order the coins for delivery to you rather than directly to the gift recipient.

Do you buy back coins?

No. BullionVault does not buy back gold coins.

By contrast, if you buy vaulted gold you can sell your bullion 24/7 on our live markets and have the funds on account instantly ready to withdraw. Find out more.